English translation of aims

This project will develop a practically tested framework curriculum for multipliers in adult education, enabling them to acquire diversity skills and release the related activation potential for voluntary work, in particular with the elderly. One of the advantages will be that the entire theoretical content has already been tried and tested in the European context. “Good Practice” events that the partners tested in the multi-generation learning partnership will be included in the framework curriculum. In addition to the facilitators and teachers themselves acquiring and improving specific skills, the individual adult participants in their courses will also be given more confidence when dealing with different cultures and people with other religious and ethical backgrounds in secular societies. These skills will enable them to do voluntary work in a variety of sectors. It is particularly beneficial that a “comparison” between the demands and possibilities of east and west European societies has been performed.
The curriculum will include knowledge about political, sociological, psychological and religious studies elements of the change within European societies, as is relevant for the practical adult education context. Since there are a rapidly growing number of older people, both with and without a migratory background, adult education institutions must develop and make new, attractive offers available. These courses must enable participants in this relatively new but increasingly important dimension to change negative attitudes, activate older people in adult education and also provide for multi-generational aspects.