The learning partnership deals with “developing and communicating values in the European intercultural context”. Can adult education today communicate “European” values? Which values could form the basis for consensus in a multi-cultural society?
Cultural diversity is a fact in European society. The proportion of those with a migration background is growing. In this relatively new but increasingly important area, adult education providers have to design and offer training courses which enable the participants to change negative attitudes and thus support peaceful co-existence in Europe. In addition to achieving and improving the professional competence of the trainers, the ability of the adult national participants to act with confidence when dealing with those of another culture, religion or ethnic background in secular societies should be increased. To achieve this, a reference curriculum for adult education courses “Developing and Communicating Values in the European Intercultural Context” is to be developed, thus helping the European adult education sector to fulfil these specific requirements. In addition to methodical-didactical information, this curriculum will contain “good-practice” examples which have been derived from trails within the learning partnership. One of the advantages will be that all of the theoretical and practical contents will have been tried and tested within the European context. Of particular use will be the fact that the requirements and possibilities within both east and west European societies can be aligned with each other.