General aims, specific aims, conversion aims: Our aims are the exchange about advanced training offers to the interreligious dialogue in de adult education and the discussion about the development of future offers of the involved partners. In addition three European Workshops are planned in three EU member states. At the project end the fifth Workshop should flow into a final presentation for the interested professional public. Aims are reached by means of: - Presentation and discussion of the advanced training contents of the pilot project "advanced training interreligious dialogue for full-time" in the archbishopric Cologne - discussion up to the planned Grundtvig-project beginning by Catholic. Advanced technical college of Cologne finished Evaluation and their comparison with the Erfahungen of the European partners taking into account more different (to) wandering movements - adaptation of the experiences and circumstances in the structures of the European partners - exchange and discussion of present practise transfer measures for advanced trainings in the area interreligious dialogue (e.g., Hospitationen in mosques and synagogues or services for migrants or people with immigration history) and her perspective comparison of methodical-didactic Heransgehensweisen and/or in future possible approaches to the mediation of the subject interreligious dialogue in the adult education - discussion of possible indicators for advanced training offers specific for target group in the area interreligious dialogue taking into account different cultural circumstances and experiences.

Which are the aims of the applied learning partnership? The aim of the learning partnership is first the exchange between the participant partner organisations about advanced training offers and methods for full-time employees and female employees in the adult education in the context of social work (context interreligious dialogue) in Europe. In the foreground getting to know stands in the partner country already to offered or planned advanced trainings and a discussion about possible advancements. Bearers of the adult education / Social work are made develop attractive advanced training offers for advisers and carry out who serve to enable these employees in this relatively new, but in meaning increasing sphere of activity. Beside the acquisition and the removal of professionalism more action security should be given to the employees by advanced training offers by the exercise of her activities in the sphere of activity interreligious dialogue. In the exchange potential users (for example, participant of the pilot project "of interreligious dialogue advanced training for Hauptamtiche" become beside teacher from the partner organisations in Cologne, or advisers and female advisers from the project partner countries) take part to consider her views as "affected persons" in the project work. [...]

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